Further Seems Forever
By Kim Filipek

Steve Kleisath, drummer for the emo-esque Further Seems Forever, took some time for an interview to talk about the bandís present, past and future. The group started out with Steve, Joshua Colbert (guitar), Nick Dominguez (guitar), Chris Carrabba (vocals), and Chad Neptune (bass). Their debute The Moon Is Down was released on Tooth and Nail records in 2001, but not too much longer afterwards lead singer Chris Carrabba left the band to explore his own group, the now well-known Dashboard Confessional. Further Seems Forever was forced to find a replacement, eventually settling down happily with Jason Gleason. The band is now about to tour with Drive-thru/MCA bands New Found Glory, Finch and Something Corporate and is working to release their sophomore album in early 2003.

E.C.: How do you think being on a Christian record label affects the band as a whole?

Steve: They are a business. As long as they do their job of getting the album out anywhere and everywhere, we are happy.

E.C.: Further Seems Forever has been known to play the big Christian music festivals like Cornerstone as well as "normal", "secular" shows. Which do you think the band prefers and what's different about the two (the fans, the atmosphere, etc.)?

Steve: Well we like playing both formats because we want to be able to play to as many different people as possible. I personally think more spontaneous ministry happens at times at our regular shows. We have gotten a great response from kids at Christian shows and regular shows. I think our music and lyrics relate to many people whether they are Christian or not.

E.C.: How did Chris Carrabba leaving affect the band-lyrically, musically, as a group?

Steve: Well musically we always wrote all of the music anyways so there was not much change there. Lyrically of course it will be and should be a little different because we have someone else singing now who will have his own thoughts and experiences to share.

E.C.: Was it difficult to find an acceptable replacement for him?

Steve: Yes it was. It took us a while but thankfully we have found the right guy now who has sang with us for over a year now and we are very excited about the next album and Jason is doing a great job and I believe we are better than ever.

E.C.: If another, bigger label offered the band a deal, what would you do?

Steve: I couldnít really say. It would depend on the circumstances and the situation at that time.

E.C.: What would you say is Further's goal as a band?

Steve: Our goal is to do what we love to do which is to write and perform music and be able to do it for a living.

E.C.: Is it intimidating to play with the bigger bands, such as New Found Glory or MxPx?

Steve: Of course NOT. Playing with bands in the spotlight is a blessing and a great opportunity to gain new listeners when they experience our live show.

E.C.: What can the fans expect to hear on your upcoming album, and will we get to hear a lot of new tracks in your live performances on tour this fall with New Found Glory and Finch?

Steve: The new album is coming along great. The music is about finished and we will be playing 3 new songs in our set on the New Found Glory tour so come early cause we play first!

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